Sunday, October 13, 2013

We love french baker

hey guise.
what's on the menu today?
hah! it was surprising of me to have French Baker's Blue Cheese Burger while my boyfriend had the usual Whole Wheat Tuna. I wanted something new, and I wouldn't want to call it "cheat meal" because it was too darn good.

I should prolly be honest that I haven't had burger in a year now because of my diet and exercise. Burger for me, as a woman, means "bulking" and I'm like 5'2" in height. Appalling as it may sound, I got fed up with my "over-strict-diet-routine" and it's making me go mad thinking about damn delicious food. Sheff indeed is strict on my diet and wants me to accomplish my goals, I have no regrets tho but sometimes you have to make your soul happy, once in awhile. 

Set aside the drama. I am veery happy to have had my burger fix at FB. What's so special about it? It's not that pricey for my appetite (I mean I can't eat massive burgers, It will become waste - I can't finish it) and the patty was not greasy even if it was pan-grilled. I can taste real beef and the bread wasn't overpowering. I saw one show who said a good burger should be paired with an awesome bun (homemade), the buns were so good, and you know what? I am hooked! lol

Furthermore, we had black tea.

It was one hot sunday and this was just refreshing, as always.

Starters Salad the best! the side dish was also splendid, very tasty like Indonesia's Kropuk and
I love that crackling sound haha.

Italian Almond Black Tea how could I ever say NO to tea!
Heavens yes!

Blue Cheese Burger, Muah!

Look at this! look at it! I love that it's full of beef flavor and the cheese was
not overpowering, especially the soft and amazing bread. Magnifico!

French Baker is located at SM Lanang Premiere, near the fountain area.

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