Sunday, October 6, 2013

Must be a Parisian experience...

First of all, I am a Hannibal the Cannibal fan.
J'adore Hannibal Lecter, swirling in my mind like the intestines of a pig piled in the tub. Enchanted by his ridiculously gentle manners, evil schemes and blue eyes, not dead but subtle.

This is not about Dr. Hannibal. I want to share my delightful experience in French Baker, SM Lanang.

Me and Sheff didn't appreciate French Baker once because we only see pastries, chocolates, and rich people dining (lol). I mean, judging the food without even tasting it.

Then yesterday we decided to try the newly opened French Baker establishment in SM Lanang. The place was beautifully decorated with leaves wallpaper (or vines), warm colors - brown, ochre, orange, green and white, and a Parisian touch. I loved their tables and chairs, very comfortable and the staff were welcoming!

I gotta say, It is not just a place for the wealthy, but a place for family and friends, hang out, have a cup of tea, talk or perhaps read a book.

We are into Health and Wellness therefore we are not picky but aware of what we eat. We ordered their Whole wheat Tuna sandwich, two pieces of macaron, and tea. It wasn't a "cheat day" also, instead we should call it a date night (with macaron in moderation). It was my first time to eat macaron, and so I was pleased.

Furthermore, French Baker has the best tea in town! I guess I haven't tried others yet, but honestly the green tea was heaven! I would like to try Black Forest tea when it will be available next time.

I love this!

waiting for our food.

Refreshing water :)

First time to have macarons, THE BEST! all caps!
We had Mocha and I forgot the other one, it was something in french lol

Me and my boyfriend had the same order. Whole wheat tuna sandwich, with salad (which was superb!), and potato chips (I had a few and they were tasty).

We had Moroccan Mint Green Tea. We didn't even need to use sugar because it compliments with the macarons. The aroma of the mint tea was fantastic.

French Baker is located in SM Lanang, near the fountain area. Bon appetit!

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