Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trick or Treat at Vikings


sup guise.

This was the best date ever with my beloved birthday celebrant, Sheff. We had dinner at Vikings in SM Lanang Premiere. The place is huge and well, it's the buffet for big eats. I personally love the ambiance inside despite the crowd and busy staff, we did not feel like we were just there to eat but it felt like we were there to cherish the moment, his 26th birthday.

The staff were accommodating, they gave us detailed information and polite to take our dishes out so we won't have to use the same dish for the next round. Inside was also safe, I left my jacket and my bag on our table (except for my camera and wallet of course lol) cause I think people are there to have a good time and good food.

There are a variety of food that you can choose from: Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, American, European and maybe other cuisines that I didn't know. We went over to the first counter on the left, little by little tasting and eating their food until we reached the right counter and next to the center which was dessert. All of their food were appetizing, delicious, new, and fresh. It's a buffet to celebrate special occasions and worth the price!

We were also surprised by a group of boys, entertainers who performed a magic trick and sang the happy birthday song while they lit the candle of Sheff's complimentary birthday cake. It was hilarious and flattering at the same time. I thanked them so much for treating his birthday with a funny entertainment that was priceless, laughter is indeed priceless.

This was on my plate. I had black Italian thin crust pizza, something like a pastry sweet pizza, corn dog, paella, lasagna, chicken barbecue and thai pork barbecue. I think it's kind of heavy for an appetizer but I got too excited to care about appetizers haha. The first pizza was sweet - it seems like the dough made it sweet. The black pizza was absolutely yummy - I loved that it's black but the flavor is the same with a pizza dough. The corn dog was nothing special but it brings back childhood memories. The paella was lovely - delicious, sweet like basmati rice, absolutely perfect!. The Lasagna was very good too, and both of the barbecue were awesome! I liked the thai pork - it's full of lean meat and not fatty.

a happy celebrant.

The next round I had lechon rice, lamb stew, baby back ribs, chuck eye steak, and bacon wrapped (sorta like ham). Lechon rice was okay - I liked the paella more, I was just curious I wanted to try it. Lamb stew was perfect - soft meat melts in your mouth, sweet and savory. Baby back rib was awesome too. The bacon wrapped sorta like ham was okay - maybe because I didn't like the flavor that much. The chuck eye steak was beautiful (medium rare) - although I ate too much lamb and I couldn't enjoy the steak anymore lol so I gave my second slice to Sheff.


For the 3rd round, I wanted to eat something Asian haha. I had 4 types of sushi, fish ball I guess, chicken teriyaki and I forgot what the other one's called - it had caviar on top of it. Their sushi was delicious, except for the salmon, or maybe if only I drizzled a lil' wasabi and soy sauce on top it would have been magical. The fish balls were okay (I didn't know I had to dip it on the sauce first lol). Chicken teriyaki was terrific, and that taco thingy was kind of sweet and spicy, taste like taco but I am absolutely sure it's asian.

And for the finale, dessert!!!
Just what we've been waiting for, and you know what? If only we could stuff more food in our stomach we would have another round of dessert that time lol

Me and Sheff decided to take each other's plate with different flavors so that we can just share every one of them and we won't have to feel like blowing up.

On our first plate we had carrot cake, mango creme brulee-like (I forgot sorry), mocha tiramisu, ube, cream puff and pudding. Carrot cake was just okay - we didn't liked it very much. That mango creme brulee-like was very creamy and mangotastic hehehe. Ube is our favorite Filipino treat and this one just nailed it! Ube delicioso. The cream puff was so good - If only! if only I could eat more lol. Mocha tiramisu was our favorite in the bunch - It taste like coffee, a lil' bit of bitterness and sweetness which was a perfect combination. The pudding was also great! I would have devoured another one.

On our 2nd plate we had cake (which I forgot the flavor), coffee jelly, creme brulee and chocolate rice crisp. The cake was okay - just your typical cake. Coffee jelly was superb! a new twist for coffee. The creme brulee was meh... okay, taste like real egg yolk, I guess they changed the style of the original creme brulee?. The rice crisp was very good although I didn't get to taste it because Sheff immediately ate it without saying a word.

The complimentary cake!
It was good, taste like vanilla and the chiffon was soft and not too sweet.
A finishing dessert that we enjoyed.

Everyone also had fun watching the boys who were entertaining us with their quirky and cute acts!

Furthermore, I would recommend this to everyone who wants to have a taste of everything from food, entertainment and comfort. Birthday celebrants are highly recommended to have their occasion here because the celebrant is free of charge. We only paid my fee which was around 800 php. It's surprising because this restaurant is world class - food, staff and the whole place yet they gave us a wonderful feeling like a "Barkada" feeling, and a very friendly price. Everyone should try the food in Vikings! taste it to believe it.

Vikings is located at SM Lanang Premiere, near the fountain area.

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