Sunday, January 27, 2013

Food: Fried Chicken (on whole wheat and coconut breading)

You might be wondering about the taste, the texture and the idea why we used
whole wheat and desiccated coconut (plus eggs)

The whole idea was to make fried chicken LESS in calories and more on protein and other nutrients. Cooked Pan fried so it's not as greasy as finger lickin good but c'mon it's your choice. If you like deep frying them... I think you will regret the taste.

If you have like a bigger pan, it makes cooking faster but if you're using the smaller pan, at least 3 pieces of chicken will be fine. after cooking the 3 pieces (like a golden brown color), scrape off bits and pieces of torn breading or at least use another clean oil. That way, the next batch won't get burned. Keep in mind, the whole wheat and desiccated coconut can easily charred so you have to be cautious on time.

Furthermore, only use CHICKEN BREAST :p

Ingredients: (Serving: Desired Number of Serving, up to you)

- Whole Wheat Flour (can be bought at any mall)
- Desiccated Coconut (if you want organic, buy it in any public market, it's cheaper too)
- Eggs
- Chicken Breast (fillet cuts/boneless cuts)
- Palm Oil (don't use olive oil for frying please)
- salt and pepper to taste
- Parsley Leaves and Basil for garnishing (optional)


- First, prepare the chicken breasts on a plate.
- Second, prepare the beaten eggs on a plate/bowl.
- Third, prepare the whole wheat and desiccated coconut. mixed properly with salt and pepper on a bowl/plate.
- Fourth, prepare tissue paper (for fried food) on a plate/strainer.
- Fifth, prepare the palm oil (Don't pour too many, pour a little just to cover the whole pan with oil) on to the pan with medium low heat (not too hot and not too cold either)
- Next, get one piece of chicken breast, dip it on the beaten eggs, then to the flour (cover them up good) and 
- Place the chicken on to the pan, you will like the sound of siizzzzzleee... hehehe

This is still not cooked though but it should look like this. Overcooking it means it has too many charred parts which also means chicken isn't juicy and burnt food is cancerous.

- After cooking the first batch of fried chicken, place it on the tissue paper to remove excess oil.
- Next, scrape off bits and pieces of the breading, or just clean the whole pan but don't wash it off with water. just scrape it off.
- Pour palm oil again, and not too much. medium low heat.
- Cook the rest of the 2nd batch.
- Repeat process for your desired number of serving.


- Prepare fried chicken on a plate
- It's either you use pure parsley leaves, or basil.


I like mine with red rice and ketchup as sauce.

Bon Apetit!

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