Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Feeling Steaky, Expectation..

November 17, 2013 note:
Dear guise,
As you can see the comments below. A gentleman recently replied about this post for misinformation. Yes I admit I have no idea what Tadyang is, it is deep fried beef. Therefore, I apologize. However, it does not change my opinion about the flavor, and I stated below what the "cheap" word was for, it meant low in cost not the other meaning for low in quality.

I am a beginner in writing a review hence my opinions are based in facts not "favoritism". If I don't like the food, I don't like the food, please respect that.

Hi guys! been awhile haven't posted anything in my Travelog and Foodlog.
Earlier this day, we were expecting to eat grilled beef steak. Oh yes, that juicy, tender, bon apetit steak.
We decided to try Lyndon's at Roxas.

We ordered beef and kambing (goat). I was so excited and salivating in my mind lol (so I'm not literally salivating).

and here comes our order:

 Goat Kaldereta

Tadyang ni Ruby Beef

 Tadyang ni ruby beef

Yeah so there you have it. The food chain is called Lyndon's World's Worst Ribs. We had Tadyang ni Ruby beef and Leonardo's rubbish kaldereta. The names supposed to sound like the opposite of rubbish, of world's worst... because they've been graded as the best! If not then they wouldn't have a new branch at Lanang. We ate at the old branch, at Roxas. 

However, I was expecting grilled steaks and at least a good for 2 persons serving for the kaldereta, fortunately, since it was cheap (I mean the prices weren't that expensive) I guess that's that.

The Tadyang ni ruby beef, it was obviously cooked in a pan or maybe deep fried, I don't really know but it sure taste like oil. For a foodie like me, I couldn't taste the real flavor of the beef and if you dip in the sauce, the sauce is overpowering the meat (if I ate an ordinary roasted chicken, you can taste the chicken meat). Did ya'll get my point? I think it could have been a great beef loin if it were cooked in open fire, seasoned only with salt. I'll give 5 stars for the corn hehe.

The Goat Kaldereta was really rubbish haha I'm just kidding. It was pretty good, the goat meat was tender and the sauce was sweet (which I really love). However, for 2 persons who don't eat rice, it was freaking SMALL! small like 1 serving. So sad, I gave half of it to Sheff since he needed more protein than me.

All in all, it was a nice experience at Lyndon's. The service is great, I don't have anything against them. The weather was cooperating nicely so it wasn't that hot. The food? hmm.. okay. Nothing special.
Will I recommend it? Well yes of course, for people who want to eat meat with an affordable price then Lyndon's is at your service. But, I cannot recommend this to gym goers, fitness and diet planners, those who are into fitness and those who have high cholesterol level, blood pressure and diabetes. If you want meat, the saying goes: "Abs are made in the kitchen" and a new one "Real Food is Real Medicine" Make one! grill that motherfucker lol